LECTURES/UNIVERSITIES (Visiting Professor and Lecturer)

Andrew Lewis has been the first Canadian Graphic designer invited to speak and exhibit his posters in numerous international design biennials and universities.

L’école Intuit/Lab 2012, Paris, France
LCI LaSalle College (UNESCO/United Nations Project) 2012, Bogotá, Columbia
University of Texas, 2012, El Paso, USA
ITESO (Instituto Technologico y de Estudiod Superiors de Occidente) 2012, Guadalajara, Mexico
Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro 2012, Querétaro, Mexico
Universidad Cristóbal Colón 2011, Veracruz Mexico
Instituto Veracruzano de Cultura 2011, Veracruz Mexico
Universidad de Cuenca 2011, Cuenca, Ecuador
Grafitat Intercambio 2011 Quito, Ecuador
Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla 2010, Puebla, Mexico
Universidad Iberoamericana 2010, Mexico City, Mexico
Universidad Católica Boliviana, 2009 La Paz, Bolivia
Simon Fraser University 2009, Vancouver, Canada
National Autonomous University of Mexico 2008/10, Mexico City, Mexico
Universidad Veracruz 2008, Xalapa Mexico
Complejo Cultural Universitario 2008, Puebla, Mexico
2a3 Conferencias Diseño 2008, Puebla, Mexico
Universidad Diego Portales 2008, Santiago, Chile
Universidad Palermo Latinoamericano 2007, Buenos Aires, Argentina
F3 Mundial de Diseño Congress 2007, Iguazu, Argentina
Universidad Iberoamericana, 2006 Mexico City, Mexico
Escula Superior de Diseño 2005, Rosario, Argentina
Uiniversidad Blas Pascal 2005,  Cordoba, Argentina
Universidad de Palermo 2005, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Southwest Missouri State 2004, University, Springfield, USA
Colorado State University 2003, Fort Collins, USA
Central Academy of Fine Art 2002, Beijing, China
Fashion Institute of Beijing, 2002, Beijing, China
University of Guadalajara 2001/02, Guadalajara, Mexico
ITESO – Instituto Technologico y de Estudiod Superiors de Occidente 2000/01/02/04, Guadalajara, Mexico
Casa ITESO Clavigero 2001, Guadalajara, Mexico
Universidad Intercontinental – Escuela de Diseno Grafico 2000, Guadalajara, Mexico
Instituto Cultural Cabañas – UNESCO 2000, Guadalajara, Mexico

Adventures in Asia, Europe, Latin America and various international press clippings.

INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS (Solo / Group Exhibitions and Juror)

Aarhus International Poster Show (The Danish Poster Museum) 2012, Aarhus, Denmark
El Centro de Diseño 2012, Rosario, Argentina
Project Sunshine For Japan International Exhibition, 2012, Düsseldorf, Germany
Ogaki Poster Museum 2011, Okaki, Japan
18th International Lahti Poster Biennial 2011, Lahti, Finland
Australian Graphic Design Association 2011, Sidney, Australia
Cromóforos Exposition (solo) 2011, Veracruz, Mexico
“City Face” Invitational Exhibition 2011, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Poster Festival Ljubljana National Gallery 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2nd Segunda llamada Poster Exhibition 2009/11, Mexico City, Mexico
Green + You, International Poster 2010, Seoul, Korea
ExhibitionInternational Poster Biennial of Mexico 2010, Mexico City, Mexico
Poster For Tomorrow 2010, Paris France
WALLS DOWN, Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola 2010, Lima, Peru
The Great Oil Leak Poster Project 2010, Lafayette, USA
International Invitational Poster Biennial 2010, Istanbul, Turkey
Autism Poster Exhibition 2009, Genova, Italy
Mut Zut Wut Poster Exhibition 2009, Heidelberg, Germany
World Day of Design, ITESO University 2009, Guadalajara, Mexico
4th Block International Triennial of Eco-Posters 2009, Kharkov, Ukraine
The Third International Biennial of the Poster in Bolivia 2009, La Paz, Bolivia
University of New Brunswick/Canadian Council on Learning 2009, Fredericton, Canada
Franz Mayer Museum 2008, Mexico City
Galeria Metropolitana 2008, Mexico City
30 Reasons Exhibition 2008, New York, New York
“Plakatok 2008 Kultura Es”, Pecsi Galeria 2008, Budapest, Hungary
AIDSTOP Exhibition 2008, Rosario, Argentina
ICOGRADA Posters for Cultural Diversity, National Museum of Cuba 2007, Havana
FIFA Women’s World Cup Poster Exhibition 2007, Guangzhou, China
World Day of Design, Guadalajara 2006, Mexico
The Graphic Imperative Exhibition 2005/06/07/08/09/10/12, Boston, Philadelphia, New York City, San Diego, USA
Lahti XV Poster Biennale of Finland 2005/07/09 Lahti, Finland
Southwest Missouri State University 2004, Springfield, USA
International Design Conference of Mexico 2004/06/08/10, Xalapa, Mexico
Graphic Responses, Colorado State University 2003, USA
Central Academy of Fine Art 2002, China
Brno International Design Bienale 2002, Czech Republic
Lincoln Center, University of Colorado 2001, USA
International Poster Biennial of Mexico 1994/96/98, 2000/02/04/06/08/10 Mexico, Mexico
Universidad Intercontinental – Escuela de Diseno Grafico 2000, Guadalajara, Mexico
Instituto Cultural Cabañas – UNESCO 2000, Guadalajara, Mexico
Galerie áZul 2000, Guadalajara, Mexico
Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition1995/97/99, 2001/0203/05/07/09/11, Fort Collins, USA
The International Poster Fairs (solo exhibition) 1997, New York City & Chicago USA
International Biennale of Graphic Design Moscow 1997, 1999, 2001, 2008, 2010, Moscow, Russia
The Festival D’Affiches De Chaumont in France 1996/98, 2000/02 France
National Library of France – Francois Mitterrand Centre 2000, Paris, France
London Art & Historical Museum (Solo exhibition) 1996, London, Canada
International Paper Exhibition – New York City, 1994 USA


Arts Club Theatre, British Columbia Arts Council, BC Arts & Culture Week, BC Museums Association, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Canada Book Day, Cambridge University Press, CIBC, Canoe BrewPub, French Paper Company, Gateway Theatre, The Grand Theatre, Hyatt Regent Hotel, International Opera Company, International Wallcoverings Group, King Edward Hotel, Kona Coffee Festival, London Life Insurance Co., Ms Winnie-Tokyo, Neenah Fine Papers, Orchestra Metropolitan, Perrier of France, Roy Thomson Hall, Scotiabank, Sebastian’s Market, Spinnakers Brewpub, Starbucks Coffee, The Stratford Festival, Stanley Theatre, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, The University of Western Ontario, UNESCO, Wolftrap Performing Arts Center, Writers’ Trust of Canada, VISA, Zyliss of Switzerland.


National Library of France, The Library of Congress, Museum of Modern Art, New York, Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition, The Festival D’Affiches De Chaumont in France, International Biennale of Graphic Design Moscow, Pecsi Galeria (Hungary), Franz Mayer Museum, Sanfransico Museum, La Paz, Bolivia, University of New Brunswick, The National Gallery, Slovenia, Ogaki Poster Museum, Japan, Merrill Berman Collection, New York, Muzeum Pakatu, Warsaw, Poland, The Danish Poster Museum, Denmark, State Museum of Maykovsky., Moscow, University Diego Portales, Santiago, Chile, University of South West Missouri, Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, Peru, Marmara University, Turkey, Instituto Veracruzano de Cultura, Mexico, Galerie a Zul, Mexico, Galerie Metropolitana, Mexico, University Palermo, Argentina, The Lincoln Center, USA.

All logos shown above are from the portfolio of Andrew Lewis Design ©.


The above international publications feature the work of Andrew Lewis Design.

Art & Design Magazine (China), Applied Arts Magazine (Canada), Studio Magazine (Canada), Boulevard (Canada), Communication Arts (USA), High-Quality Magazine of German Design (Germany), How Magazine (USA), Idea Magazine (Japan), International Design/Shandong Fine Arts (China), Los Angeles Times Newspaper (USA), Ludica Design Magazine (Mexico), MAO MAO Publications (Spain), Modern Advertising (China), Novum Magazine (Germany), New York Times (USA), Package-Design (China), PosterPage (Switzerland), Print (USA), 90+ 10 Magazine (Argentina), Rockport Publishers (USA), TASARIM Magazine (Istanbul), VANGUARDIA Magazine (Ecuador), The National Gallery (Slovenia) and numerous international publications.