Andrew Lewis has been invited by numerous international Universities and Design Conferences to provide a series of intensive workshop exchanges. Working with a limited class size, themes such as creating a complete brand program, packaging to poster design are introduced and developed over a 3-5 day period.

Wow, what an amazing workshop we just finished here in Quito, Ecuador AND with such hard working students and professionals! Kindly sponsored by Grafitat I even got to walk on the Equator!

The International Poster Bienal of Mexico 2010 invited me to teach a workshop on creating a brand identity for “Chiles 100% MEXICO”. This was held at the beautiful Comlejo Cultural Universitario in Puebla, Mexico with 16 very talented students!

La Paz, Bolivia 2009, the Biennial Internacional Del Cartel. Workshop theme was creating a new label for the national beer Huari.

Andrew Lewis Design on the road with the “Latin America Tour 2008″. Starting in Santiago, Chile at the Universidad Diego Portales to Mexico City to Puebla Mexico and finally Xalapa Mexico.

Exhibition, lecture and workshop at Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago Chile 2008. A fantastic experience with the students and exhibition!

Conference and workshop held in Xalapa, Mexico as part of the Bienal Internacional del Cartel En Mexico. Photos: My workshop class, Shiego Fukuda and I share a moment together, with Takashi Akiyama and Alain Le Quernec, sharing tequilas with Cedomir Kostovic.

I spoke at two conferences this month in Argentina. The first at The University of Palermo (Encuentro Latinaomericano de DiseƱo 2007), Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina and the second at the F3 Mundial Design Conference in Igauzu, Argentina. It was incredible meeting many great latin designers such as Celeste Prieto, John Moore, and Ronald Shakespear whom have given me much inspiration and support.

ITESO University located in the beautiful city of Guadalajara, Mexico celebrates World Day of Design April 27th. Another kind invitation by Maestro Felipe Corvarubias to attend and speak at this event was warmly received and as usual, I was treated like a King by ITESO students and friends from previous visits.